A term applied to the first worlds inhabited by humans following the discovery of light-speed space travel. These worlds are the centers of the USSEC and provide facilities for USSEC FleetCom and other military installations. These worlds are generally regarded as the most heavily defended in the known galaxy following the outbreak of the Flood-Fire Wars.

The term Bastion is derived from the word itself, these worlds being the centers of humanity, as well as the innermost worlds of all mankind. These worlds are said to be unconquerable, the very epitome of military might. War has not touched Earth since the unification under the banner of the United States of Earth.

These planets are unofficially referred to as the "Citadel Planets".

Bastion WorldsEdit

The planets currently holding the position as Bastions of humanity, listed in order of military importance.

  1. Earth and Luna--Sol
  2. Mars--Sol
  3. Halcyon--Centauri
  4. Reach--Eridani
  5. Verdun--Eridani
  6. Eban-Emael--Eridani
  7. Epsilonica--Eridani

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