The iTech Composition 12 High Velocity Slug Battle Rifle is a standard issue, IGCS 19mm bolt firing battle rifle. It is produced by iTech and used by the IUR's infantry. The Composition 12 line of rifles demonstrate extreme quality and capability in the harshest of environments. It also provides amazing firepower and can be used to take down light vehicles.

The C12 has three forms:

  • The C12c, or Compact, halves the gun's length which makes it perfect for a stealth operation. It also integrated an EZsilence muzzle. The magazine size is compacted to 20.
  • The C12/BR, or Battle Rifle, is the basic form, which has a 20'' barrel, an Assimilator scope, and a magazine size of 35.''
  • The C12/HS, or Heavy Sniper, adds 25'' to the barrel, upgrades the scope to a B85, and has a magazine size of 10.''