This is the Fareer Universe Development page, development team personnel will be listed here, if you wish to join, please apply on the talk page. Thank you.


The Fareer Development Project (FDP) is a project dedicated to the series of games based on the Fareer universe, which is located right here.

It is a first-person shooter series, set in a futuristic time period.

Though the 3PS/RPG concept has not been completely scrapped, it has been put on hold.

Fareer: The Flood-Fire WarsEdit

Main article: Fareer:The Flood Fire Wars (game)

Fareer: The Flood-Fire Wars (F:TFFW) is our first project. It is based in 2127, when the Flood-Fire Wars started.



This is a list of developers in both sections of development for the universe.


This is a list of developers working on stories in the Fareer universe, excluding those found in the video-game development.


This is a list of developers working on the Fareer video game, including all aspects.

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