Captain Galus Thorn is a young, traditional man. He is the current head of the Epsilon Guard. He was born on Procatis, in 2374.


He was brought up in a very old-fashioned home on Procatis' slums. He showed a great affinity for dueling and constantly engaged in fights. One time, when Galus was 15, during a police chase down in his district, he single-handedly took down two of the convicts. The chief of the police took interest in him immediately, and on his 18th birthday, Galus was indicted into the Republic Police Organization. Through his mental prowess and fast reflexes, he rose the ranks quickly, soon reaching the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. Vikri Tann had been planning an elite force, a branch of the Epsilon Navy, and when looking through the police files, he came across Galus. Swiftly, Vikri arrived on Procatis and promoted Galus to Captain of the Epsilon Guard. Since then, Galus has shown impeccable performance, maintaining a 100% success rate. Thorn and his Guard are the terror of brigands everywhere in the galaxy. Galus' preferred weapon is a C6 Slug Pistol, one of the oldest weapons in the galaxy. His C6 is modified to use the standard IGCS 16.5mm round.

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