The LRSRS-132 (Long Range Sniper Rifle System 2132) is the standard sniper rifle of the Confederation Of Assimilated Socialist Territories. It is semi-automatic and was designed in 2132 in order to provide Confederate troops with an extremely accurate weapon. Known for its accuracy and power, the rounds that this weapon fires is able to penetrate any type of enemy body armor. However, several setbacks have been noted; the five round magazine as well as its tendency to jam has made it infamous among the Confederate military. Plus, there is a two second cooldown period in between shots in order to prevent the weapon from overheating. However, this weapon is still known for its ability to take down targets at an incredibly long range. The LRSRS-132 was made famous when rumors about a COAST sniper began to circulate; it is said that he was able to kill 100 USSEC troops by using only this weapon.

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