Les Debutants Neo are an anarchist faction of humans originating in several of the outer worlds. Generally regarded as a weak, idealogical fanatics by the USSEC and IUR, they amassed a number of ships, engaging IUR forces in the Battle for Aquila Prime in 2185. They remained a slightly dangerous nuisance to USSEC Fleet for a number of years, harassing lesser outworlds that had little protection beyond the reaches of atmosphere. Though their fleets are thought to have been annihilated, they remain a cult that has permeated the human worlds.


With foundations in the punk music genre, and the revolutionary youth, France native Pierre Jean Fontagne began speaking of a youthful race, the next step in evolution. His rhetoric attracted many middle- and lower-class students, often those affected by the terrorist attacks that plagued humanity. Fontagne's following grew quickly, as many intellectuals decided they were next in the evolutionary line, superior to the masses. His fanatical following quickly began plans for the conversion or extermination of all who they viewed as inferior.


Les Debutants, as they call themselves, follow a set of beliefs that are based on a radical semi-totalitarian anarchist government. Their essential views can be summarized as follows:

  1. Certain human beings are intellectually superior to others.
  2. Those human beings, as the next step in evolution are entitled to power.
  3. Inferior beings do not deserve order until they have realized the truth and join the next step.
  4. Anarchy is the only way for total equality among the superiors, and will bring true order.
  5. Any form of government is inherently flawed, and thus detrimental to humanity.

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