Neurogenics Inc

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Neurogenics Incorporated is a neuro-mechanical development company based on the planet of Verdun in the Epsilon Eridani system that specializes in the development of exoskeletons for use by the disabled and for military application.


Founded in 2012 by Neurologist and amateur roboticist Daniel Quite in the state of Wisconsin as a "robotics project". When the city council showed interest in funding suits for use by the police department, and the local hospital inquired about robotic help-suits, he named his project Neurogenics and began making plans for basic helper systems.

By 2020, Quite had built up Neurogenics, incorporating it, and now supplying robotic arm helpers to the military, as well as police departments across the United States. As well, NI was now producing the Helper One, a helper suit to aid those either crippled, or undergoing rehabilitation.

In 2125, before the Flood-Fire Wars began, Neurogenics Incorporated had begun delving into suits that actually linked into the nervous system of the user, which had been experimented with, but never created for practical application. By the next fiscal year, the company had been given a contract for Project Spectre as well as facilities on the military base-planet, Verdun. In 2127, during the opening battles of the War, several Ghostwing Suits were being field tested by USSEC SOCOM.


Neurogenics Incorporated's Ghostwing Suit will be featured in Fareer:The Flood-Fire Wars in experimental and functional forms.