The Nuum series of ships are commonly defined as Super Ships because they serve as platforms of large amounts of every weapon type. There are three primary designations:

  • Nuum-class -- the original Nuums NCD-1***
  • Nuum-class destoryer -- second-generation Nuums NCD-2***
  • Nuum-class cruiser -- third generation, largest ships ever built, capable of independently engaging small fleets NCC-1***


The original Nuum-class of ships were called "Super Ships", as the first USSEC Fleet vessels capable of fulfilling any role as a capital ship. The compliment of crew for the NCD-1 type vessel was nearly two-thousand, as well as two hundred in crews to service smaller vessels in the hangar.

The armament of the NCD-1 was impressive for its day, but has since been outdated.

  • Four heavy Magnetic Accelerator Cannons - large rail guns capable of launching a four-ton tungsten carbide slug at speeds upwards of 2000mph.
  • Ten five-by-two Arrow missile pods - standard ship-to-ship missiles of the early era, totaling one hundred missiles.
  • Two Harpoon torpedo tubes - an internal Harpoon pod modified and connected to reloading apparatus. Capable of launching varying payloads mounted on Arrow, Javelin, and Harpoon missiles.
  • Two stern-mounted 220mm heavy rotary cannons - large ship-to-ship guns of the old era, delivering 220mm shells at a much higher rate of fire than is possible from other ordinance.
  • Sixty-one Eyes - laser turrets capable of light-speed take downs of enemy fighters, as well as concentrated fire for devastating heating of enemy capital ship armor.

NCD-2*** and 3***/***Edit

The next generation of Nuums, designated heavy destroyers.

The armament is much more formidable and versatile.

  • An additional twenty-four Eyes.
  • Advanced mechanical reloading system for single torpedo tube.
  • Upgraded MACs.
  • Addition of six Blunderbus two-by-two pods.
  • Six additional Arrow pods.
  • Rotary cannons removed.

NCC-1*** and 2***/***Edit

The heaviest warships fielded by USSEC FleetCom, run by a compliment of nearly ten thousand, the NCC ships are large, and powerful enough to engage entire enemy fleets.

The armament is comprised of nearly quadruple the amount on the NCD ships.

  • One heavy MAC, a cannon used for engaging enemy flag ships.
  • Six standard MACs, used for the engagement of smaller enemy ships.
  • Seven torpedo tubes
  • Two hundred seventy two Eyes.
  • Twenty two-by-five Arrow (missile) pods.
  • Two heavy 220mm rotary cannons.
  • Eighteen Blunderbus (missile) pods.