Nythium is a metallic substance found on multiple planets throughout the universe on planets such as Favaar. It's molecular formation allows near perfect indistrucability; the only way to manipulate the substance is through use of high frequency sound.


Nythium was first discovered within the Bastion Core Worlds shortly after human inhabitation. It was initially considered indestructable; however further atomic studies showed that when exposed to high frequency sound, the metal instantly became liquified and multiplied its mass by a factor of 12.341. As long as the metal was exposed to high frequency sound, it could be poured into molds to form weapons, ships, armor, and much more. The molds would have to be fairly exessive, though, as only seconds after the absence of high frequency sound, the metal would recede to original size and viscosity.


Nythium sports a straight silver color sceme. It shines in all shapes and forms, and cannot accept paints due to its atomic makeup.


Nythium is used extensively by the Democracy of Favaar, due to its natural abundance on that planet. However, the rarity of the substance on other planets makes it extremely expensive to aquire, and thus not many items are made with it. Some items that are made with it are:

  • Arcus Sabre
  • Favaaran Fleet Ships

Most Nythium items are recycled, as no decompisition can take place after use.