Admiral Osiris Xer is the current Admiral of the Orion Navy, which is the bulk of the IUR's navy. He was born in 2323.


Osiris is one of the most talented and intelligent people in the universe, graduating from the Procatis Senior Honors University with a perfect record. He then showed a big interest in computer simulations, especially those of strategy. One of the things he was most famous for was developing a strategy for a sports game, which ended in a 15-0 upset for the team. In 2351, he graduated from the IUR Officer Academy, going straight to the rank of Captain. He then showed impeccable strategy in the Battle for Aquila Prime, saving one million people's lives when a capital ship broke through the navy's lines. He was then promoted to Commander of the 15th Naval Legion of the Orion Navy. After showing his extreme intellect, Vikri Tann himself promoted Osiris to the rank of Admiral of the Orion Navy. He commands the IUR Manticore.

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