The Paleogen are an ancient species, far more technologically advanced than any of the humans living in Fareer. Their name for their species is unknown, but the USSEC navy general, Raum Hericom, cleverly made the name Paleogen, from the ancient texts of Latin.


The USSEC found the Paleogen on the Nexus Worlds, in 2344. The USSEC send a scout fleet in response to extreme radiation signals coming from that area, and unexplored region of planets forty six parsecs away from the nearest planet. Upon reaching the planet, the USSEC fleet found a sprawling city with four layers, covering nearly a whole planet. Sixty of the ships in the fleet stayed down to make contact. The other forty went to explore other planets. After further exploration, the USSEC found at least thirty other inhabited planets.

USSEC could not translate any of the Paleogenic texts or languages, rendering communication redundant. However, after seeing the technology of the Paleogen, the USSEC decided to remain neutral. Interestingly, the Paleogen took meeting the USSEC in stride, indicating that the Paleogen may have made contact with multiple species in the past.

The Paleogen and the Nexus region in general are unexplored as the Paleogen have run high-radiation and electromagnetic tests which the USSEC ships cannot withstand. Copies of basic Paleogenic texts have been made by the USSEC and are currently under scrutiny by IUR and USSEC linguists.


The Paleogenic language consists of multiple clicking and flicking sounds of their vocal chords, which resemble Human vocal chords. Their language is far more complex than the basic Galactic Common language. It is being studied by three hundred of the galaxy's top linguists, and they have not deciphered anything yet.


The Paleogenic religion has been briefly found by USSEC, deep in a radiative crystal cave on a Nexus planet. The Paleogen have what appears to be four gods, one for each of their major arts. Unlike many of the ancient religion's gods, their gods appear to as technologically advanced as they are.


The Paleogenic technology is far more advanced than the USSEC's is. They have an unknown rifle system similar to the IUR's railguns, except their particle cannons are fueled by pulsars that literally ignite the air in front of the gun so hot that it turns blue. The air is then blasted forward at an incredible speed, fast enough to destroy a building in one shot. They also have an anti-gravity system which they use in their gravity tanks and vehicles. Their intergalactic ships are powered by the same pulsar engines of their weaponry. They are faster, stronger, and larger than the USSEC's currently technology.


The Paleogenic armory is unknown, besides what the guards saw of the Paleogenic guards that escorted them through their main planet.

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