Procatis is the major civilian base for the IUR. It lies at the center of the Maelstrom Outlying Worlds.


Procatis is at the heart of the Maelstrom Worlds, home to over twelve billion people. It used to be a civilian base for all IUR personnel's families, but since then it has evolved into a sprawling metropolis, one city covering nearly the whole planet. The multiple research stations around the city are vital, as they produce the chemicals that keep Procatis free of pollution and radiation. Procatis' moon, Euno, is home to the electromagnetic/sonar base of the IUR, that protects them from any surprise attacks through the asteroid field. Procatis and the other Maelstorm Worlds have a card system for accessing their multiple tiers, starting from Clearance 1 (blue) card, for merchants and traders as a pass to land. The second card is Clearance 2, or a red card, which is for residents. The Clearance 3, or green card is for employees of the IUR, such as scientists or soldiers. The fourth, purple card is for leaders and generals of the IUR, and can be used to access dangerous scientific facilities or buildings.

Procatis is a four-tiered planet, with the residential and business buildings towering tremendously high over the ground. Most residential buildings have about 1200 stories, which nearly reaches Procatis' extensive stratosphere. In between these structures, there are patrolled rail highways, with hovercraft speeding past at any hour of the day. Procatis runs on a 26 hour day/night cycle.

The second tier is the commercial/merchant tier. Restaurants, bars, clubs, and various shops can be found on the ground level. These buildings resemble the buildings on Sol, about 50 feet tall and very wide. The bustling commercial area is often full of theft in some of the poorer areas of Procatis. There are also various ports run by the local government for trade.

The third tier is the military/science tier. This tier requires a Level 3 Clearance (green) IUR card, accessible to any employed scientist or soldier. Down here is where most of the environmental work goes on for the IUR in general, as well as many docks and ports for trade and ships.

The fourth tier is the slums. After a great outbreak of disease on the upper tier, the local militia shoved the homeless that swarmed the ground tier into the bottom tier, way below the military and ground tiers, where there is only darkness and trash. Down here, living past the age of 16 is not common.

Fatal PursuitEdit

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Fatal Pursuit is a planned project by EightOhEight. It is a third person shooter / role playing game.