The Quite Rifle is a multi-calibre variable-rifling munitions launcher created by Arden Arms as an integrated weapon system for the Neurogenics Incorporated Ghostwing Suit.


With the development of the first Ghostwing Suits in 2125 as part of Project Spectre, Department of War officials procured funding for the development of fully integrated weapons for the new Combat Suits, naturally they contacted Arden Arms.

Using the dynamics of the variable-calibre barrels used by Magnetic Accelerator Cannons, engineers at Arden Arms scaled down the design, creating the smallest contracting barrel to date using advanced polymers and ceramic composites.

The resultant weapon is versatile enough to fire a vast array of projectiles.


In 2127, during the attack on Halcyon, several Ghostwings fitted with Quite Rifles were deployed against attacking COAST forces.

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