High Admiral Raum Hericom, a leader of the USSEC Fleet, is best known for his involvement in the discovery of the Paleogen race in 2344. He is also known for a strategic prowess exhibited in small skirmishes with rebels throughout USSEC and IUR territory. He is rumored to be related to the Martian Royal family, the Fareers.


Raum Jerom Arnal Hericom was born on the planet Massifax on 20 April 2298 to middle-class citizens, a programmer and a graphic designer. Growing up, Raum was placed in advanced classes, displaying an extraordinary intellect. Beyond this, he displayed no amazing talents, and was not considered or expected to become anything amazing, or out of the ordinary. Attending university in the Massifaxi capital, Raum began showing an interest in military strategy.

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