The Mars Ship Yards Z1923 Personal Transatmospheric Craft was adopted by the USSEC Fleet in 2084, at the dawn of the age of the Inertial Conversion Drive. Designated by the numeric code 578***, the Z23s have been continuously upgraded and modernized. Its cockpit is also a specially designed, heavily armored escape pod.


  • MSY carbon ceramic plating
  • Diamond shell
  • Composite formula viewports
  • Shock gel underlayer


  • 2x Chinsky, Type 3 105mm rifles, 30 rounds (initial model)
  • 2x Arden Arms, M2126 220mm smoothbore cannons, 40 rounds (as of 2127)
  • 2x Javelin (missile) capable torpedo tubes
  • 1x Valkerie type, 6 barrel, 20mm rotary cannon, 3000 rounds (initial model)
  • 1x Golemn type, seven barrel, 40mm rotary cannon, 3000 rounds (as of 2131)



  • 4x Tortuga SCRAM jet T14
  • 1x Tortuga T7 ICD
  • 2x Tortuga T3 ICD
  • 18x Farine J Type micro ICD

As of 2127Edit

  • 4x Super Scram Model 2125 transitional jets
  • 2x Tarine X Type ICD
  • 6x Tarine Model 57 ICD


As of 2127*

  • 1x Boeing Light Engagement Supply Power fusion reaction core
  • 7x Eight Megawatt capacitor, cell power supply storage (One attached to each M2125 jet, One attached to each X Type ICD, One attached to the cockpit, feeding weapon systems).

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